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Country Manager for Iraq&Kurdistan

General/Country Manager, Iraq & Kurdistan. CM will have the following working scheme: 6 weeks in Iraq, 3 weeks in home country (understanding that wherever there is a business necessity, CM shall be handling operational matters of Iraq remotely)

Location: Iraq > Basra

Working Locations: Site, Office

Key Requirements

-previous experience in sales, operations (field, base), inventory management, big accounts management;
-experience in developing sales strategy, tenders strategy and its execution;
-experience to work in multicultural environment and in stressful conditions;
-ability to deliver results with limited time and resources;
-previous experience with Reda/Schlumberger; Centrilift/Baker Hughes; WG-GE and other artificial lift companies (in the past), also experience as an operator is not a problem;
-experience in managing 30 persons and above;
-strong leader, who solves problems
-willingness to promote new technologies
-has sufficient knowledge of HSE, QA procedures and processes
-willing to implement new processes in place to improve company efficiency

Job Description

  1. Take full responsibility and control over activities in the country, personnel, all contracts execution in due course and within time frames in order to meet all contractual obligations;
  2. Maintenance and control over the financial activities relating to the equipment sales and rendering of services, control of equipment orders to ensure sales provision and services execution, inventory control, contracts signing with services providers (P&L, budgeting, financial reporting);
  3. Perform all regular administration and management activities in the Position of General Manager of the local corporation, represent the company before authorities;
  4. To investigate existing market of Iraq and Kurdistan for sales of the products and services of the Company, to identify new companies for sales, to collect and analyze commercial and economic information, to enter into cooperation with the customers, to get prepared and participate in commercial exhibitions, to carry out business development of the Company in Iraq and Kurdistan;
  5. To ensure sales provision in the territory of Iraq & Kurdistan in accordance with Company targets and objectives;
  6. Provide strategic vision for Company development in the territory, including not only sales of current services and products, but also identify new areas of development, new areas of activities;
  7. To arrange preparation of documents for participation in Tenders (auctions, bids, prequalifications) carried out in the Territory of Iraq and Kurdistan and monitoring for implementation of Contracts, to trace cash inflows arriving to the Company settlement account according to the contracts;
  8. To abide by the Company’s reporting system; 
  9. Strictly adhere to all QHSE requirements in Iraq and Kurdistan, provide personal example of proper execution to all employees.

Those ones interested please send your CV to: HR@newlift.nl 

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