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Company overview

The Novomet Headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Perm, which is a two-hour flight from Moscow, Russia.

Our company was established in 1991 as a stage manufacturer, based on a new technology for the oil and gas industry: powder metallurgy. This technology has shown through the years to have superior performance in extreme environments and has delivered a good return in the form of increased run life for our clients.

Since it first started, the company has been continuously developing and improving. Our customers have recognized our first class products and have awarded us with their business, leading Novomet to become one of the largest ESP manufacturers in Russia. Our strategy is based on proprietary technologies for a wide range of applications, focusing on harsh well conditions, including high gas-to-oil ratios, high temperatures, abrasive and corrosive fluids, heavy oil, wells with minimum drift (3.90”), and highly deviated wells.

The Novomet product line includes main units such as: pumps, motors (asynchronous and permanent magnet), protectors, VSDs (variable speed drives), and sensors, as well a great number of custom-made auxiliaries for specific wells. These include: valves, sand traps, screens, gas separators, downhole multiphase pumps, intakes, etc. Novomet also produces water injection and treatment systems. 

In 2003, Novomet established its service division, with a network of service bases located close to our customers. This expansion allows us to provide our “best in class” products to the marketplace, along with our “best in class” service and support. The Novomet philosophy is to provide unparalleled solutions in the most challenging conditions. We give a great deal of attention and support to research and development (R&D), allowing us to stay at the top of our industry.

Several years ago, Novomet acquired controlling stock of the KONNAS Design Center (Moscow), which was responsible for all of the ESP pump design in the former Soviet Union since 1950. As such, there is a wealth of in-house knowledge at Novomet. The R&D department has developed new gas handling pump stages, rotary gas separator designs, sand and proppant filters, downhole units for dosing scale inhibitors, and many other ESP technologies, all of which we can produce on tight deadlines.

The use of laser prototyping machines allows new developments to be tested for production within rapid timeframes. In short, Novomet’s R&D capability is unsurpassed in the industry – and the results are in service today, bringing immediate and significant performance increases to our clients.

Our R&D facilities allow us to conduct various tests, both internally and for the benefit of our clients. These tests include: abrasive and corrosive tests, tests on gassy fluids, high viscous fluids, and low flow rate/ high flow rate stages. Novomet can simulate any environment to ensure that our products will perform beyond our clients’ expectations. Using our test wells, clients can witness these tests in action.

Currently, Novomet employs nearly 4,000 people worldwide. We have a network of service bases in Russia, CIS countries, Argentina, Romania, Egypt, Iraq, Ecuador, Kuwait, Indonesia, and the USA. Our goal is to be one of the top 5 best service providers in the world. We sincerely believe that we can provide our solutions to the most severe applications, bringing our clients the best performance possible.

Our name is associated with great engineering, excellent quality, superior products, and outstanding service. Our motto is: “We are not afraid of the most severe conditions. Let them be afraid of our solutions.”

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