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Our Guiding Principles

Corporate code of conduct

In November 2011, Novomet developed and implemented a corporate code of conduct. The three major concerns of the code are: safety, personnel, and innovations. These are the basics of Novomet life. We provide comfortable and safe working conditions, staff training, and personal development.

The Novomet code addresses four human values: respect, honesty, safety, and loyalty.

1. Respect. In order to achieve success and have confidence in tomorrow, we believe it is important to treat our clients and employees with respect. We show our respect to future generations by working to save our planet and conserve resources. We ensure that all employees have equal opportunities. Every supplier and client is given the same courtesy. Novomet forbids religious, national, or any other kind of persecution.

2. Honesty. Honesty in financial issues guarantees our stability. We forbid fraud, illegal payments, and money laundering. Novomet promotes fair competition, and does not aim to support any political party. We believe business and politics should not be mixed. Personal financial interests of any company employee or client must not influence any company decision. Company-wide decisions must have economical ground, and work for the company’s benefit.

3. Safety. We spend a great part of our life at work, therefore it is important to provide safe and comfortable workplaces for employees. This is the company’s responsibility. It is forbidden to abuse alcohol and drugs on company property.

4. Loyalty. Working for Novomet means setting future goals with the company and protecting the company’s interests. Novomet guarantees all employees stability and confidence in tomorrow. It is very important for employees to contribute by protecting confidential information, intellectual property, and Novomet assets, as well as being careful of company resources.

Along with the corporate code of conduct, Novomet has a corporate culture principles. This means:

  • We are a team of people sharing a vision.
  • Each employee is both customer and supplier.
  • The customer’s requirements and expectations come first.
  • Customer approval is the measure of our success.
  • Our most important skill is our ability to anticipate customer expectations.
  • Our greatest impact is in providing understanding between customer and supplier.
  • Continuous improvement is our main goal.

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