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September 2, 2016

1000 days is not a limit!

Dismantle of a Complete Dual ESP System for multi-reservoir production was performed on August 13th, 2016 in well No.2081 (7” casing) of Vostochno-Elovskoye oilfield in Surgutneftegas company.

The ESP was started on October 7th, 2013. Both ESP Systems of the Dual System worked together till shut down and its total operating time was 1009 days. The reason for pulling was to perform geological and technological works in the well. ESP disassemble analysis showed the equipment was fully operational, which once again proves the reliability of Novomet ESP Systems.

Two ESP Systems NBV(250-500)H (Q=250..500bpd@60Hz, H=5500ft) are attached one to another with a Novomet innovative Dual System. The lower ESP is located inside a special sealed shroud which is also a Novomet innovative design.

This type of completion is designed to operate in the environment where the distance between the two producing reservoirs ranges from 16 to 262 ft (5 to 80 meters) and no ESP can be placed in between them. Such system can be installed in a well with casing 5 ¾” (146 mm) or more.

Due to high reliability and great economic impact from Novomet Dual System for multi-reservoir production these systems become more and more popular with the oil companies.


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