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March 24, 2017

Disc filter manufactured by Novomet provides sevenfold increase of ESP runlife

Novomet designed and field tested a new disc filter which protects pump stages from penetration of foreign particles with sizes starting from 100 microns.

Due to volumetric filtration, the disc filter is able to catch more particles, thus increasing filtration level and providing 6-8 times higher throughput capacity than traditional slotted filters. The filtering element consists of mesh discs with the required size holes fixed on a perforated shaft. The filter is connected to motor base through a compact sealing unit or is installed onto a shroud and is run in hole together with the ESP.

Field trials of two disc filters of new design were successfully completed in the wells of Tatneft Oil Company with increased sand production. Runlife of equipment before filter installation was 267 and 109 days. The implementation of disc filters helped to reduce solids content in each well by more than 50%. The runlife of the first well exceeded one year and amounted to 369 days. Runlife of the other well exceeded 770 days, which is a sevenfold improvement in comparison with the original runlife!

Specialists of Novomet Filtration Systems Laboratory are ready to analyze your operating data and select optimum solutions to increase runlife of your well stock.

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