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November 08, 2017

Novomet has a good start!

On the 26 of October there was a momentous event in the Novomet – for the first time there was put into operation the casting operation in a foundry. It is the first portent and it brings hope that the operation will reach project capacity soon.
The necessity in casting operation in the manufacturing arose long ago. At first it was necessary for gas separators production, then the production of stages needed the operation with more complicated casting.

More than 15 Russian manufacturers had been supplying cast parts for the Novomet.  And despite this fact, demand for cast parts were increasing each year because of growth in the overall production. The idea to make an own foundry production was thick in the air.

Despite the commercial crisis, in 2016 the project had its start. It is always very difficult to start from scratch, but due to professional specialists’ work, a big majority of the dikes have burst. Also gained experience has a big importance. And testing of casting operation in a foundry is its positive confirmation.
Availability of own foundry production will give the opportunity to reduce a lead time of equipment for clients, will increase the flexibility of production, will give rise to development of new technologies in the field of artificial oil lifting.

Such a good start, Novomet!

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