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November 20, 2017


The beginning of 21st century is marked by technological revolution in different sectors: industrial, informational and others.

One of the most important technological developments in artificial oil lifting has happened due to invention and implementation of PMM. This motor works on permanent magnets (PMM) and it has an opportunity to work steadily in a wide range of revolution rate and in comparison to asynchronous motor PMM has harder rotation torque (up to 1700 kN) and higher capacity index (up to 800 kW). Nowadays there are produced not only low-speed motors that have rated frequency of 500 rpm but also high-speed motors up to 10000 rpm.

Due to implementation of PMM “Novomet” has presented a wide variety of technologies:

  • High-speed ESP with a feed rate of up to 1600 m3 / day, and with an efficiency index of 40% higher than that of the series-produced ones, also it is more compact up to 2 times.
  • Small-sized ESP for running into the side-hole with a diameter of 102 mm, which increases production gain on the average of 15 m3 / day.
  • ESP of ultra-small size for operation inside the oil-well tubing of 73 mm, which is placed there by means of carrying cable. Its installation period is 5-7 times shorter than the one of series-produced ESP.
  • Installations of a screw-type pumps with underdrive, and also pump installations of a new type – rotary displacement cylindrical pumps. Installations are driven by a low-speed motor and are used to product viscous oil.

In the preparation stage there are solutions for operation in conditions of high temperatures, and also there are installations with ultra-high reliability - both technologies are based on valve electric drives.

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