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November 30, 2017

LUKOIL-Novomet: collaboration strategy

On the 15th of November 2017 Novomet-Perm had an offsite task force meeting where the strategic cooperation of LUKOIL-Perm and Novomet-Perm was discussed. LUKOIL-Perm delegation was led by Director General Oleg Tretyakov and at the head of Novomet-Perm delegation was Director General Maksim Perelman.

Novomet organized exposition of an innovative equipment exhibitions and the guests were made aware of them by the Head of research and development department of the company Eugenii Poshvin.

At the meeting there were discussed and reviewed the results of the collaboration in the field of new technologies implementation for this year. Both companies have done a great job.

For this period of time some of the technologies have been already implemented: for example, in the nearest future trial operations of progressive cavity pump with underdrive and Novomet permanent magnet motor for viscous oil production will be finished. At the preparation stage of the implementation there is well disc filter, intelligent algorithms of field control stations for the operation in conditions of high gas-oil ratio.

To sum up the meeting there is a big variety of tasks. It includes the tasks to implement in the LUKOIL oil-fields the newest technology «ColibriESP» - electric centrifugal pump unit of the 2nd type overall dimension with cable deployed, to test the installation that separates the fluid to water and oil, to implement the installations of rotor-type pump, etc.

Collaboration strategy task force group was organized in May 2016. Since that time several meetings including offsite meetings have been held and also technical seminar has taken place.

The next meeting is going to be held in the middle of December in Polazna.

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