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December 14, 2017

Input gravity module by Novomet: oil production "gets rid of" gas locks

One of the most serious problems of oil production is concentration of undissolved gas in fluids and there is a consequence of this fact, which is connected with formation of gas locks and processes of gas locking. This problem is especial for horizontal well sites. Specialists of "Novomet-Perm" Company have found the solution – they developed the input gravity module which is intended to work in horizontal holes and to eliminate the problem mentioned above.

The development design contains easily rotating cylinder with off-centered line of mass, which always radially sets its input port downwards.

The fact of gas intrusion to the rose box is excluded, because fluid intake takes place in the bottom of the case, while gas is above the input port.

This way it is possible to provide reliable work of the equipment in horizontal-type wells, which have a high rate of free gas containment.

The module has been successfully tested and at the moment it is being exploited in Canada where it gives excellent results.

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