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January 12, 2018

Pump for viscous oil production

The rotary displacement pump (RDCP) of 362 series by Novomet-Perm has been performing for 100 days in the Messoyakhaneftegas well in Romania.

The first assembly of the submersible displacement pump was installed in the well by Romanian company OMV Petrom in June 2015. Since that moment, it has been performing for two years and five months. On February 20, 2017, a second assembly of the RDCP was put into service, also in Romania. Both assemblies are performing well.

In the conditions of the Messoyakhskoe field, characterized by increased solid particle content in produced fluid, it is necessary to do periodic flushing of the progressive cavity pumps. This leads to loss of time and the potential of additional equipment. By comparison, the assembly of a rotary displacement pump works non-stop and doesn’t require any additional operations.
Novomet’s innovative development is based on an absolutely new pump, the vane-type pump. Compared to plunger-type and progressive cavity pumps, vane-type pumps have four advantages over other pumps:

  1. They do not contain elastomeric materials; 
  2. They do not have a string of rods, which means they can work with any characteristic of produced fluid; 
  3. They do not have limits with produced pressure head; and 
  4. They can be installed even in horizontal sections of the wells.

To date, the assembly of 406 series PDCP is ready for trial operations, which is the next step in developing the production of rotary displacement pumps intended to operate in wells with viscous oil.

There is no equivalent to this equipment on the market today.

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