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January 31, 2018

Novomet expands the product line for viscous oil production

When it comes to wells with decreasing rates of oil production, high viscous fluids, significant solid content, and extremely high/low indexes of reservoir pressure, there is a tendency to use progressive cavity pumps. Novomet-Perm produces progressive cavity pumps with an underdrive of low-speed PMM.

Implementation of this type of equipment started three years ago. In February 2015, we assembled and launched a submersible cavity pump in Romania, in the city of Pitesti (suburb of Bucharest). This pump had a low-speed PMM of a 117 series with a flow rate of 7m3/day. Since that time, the second assembly with 23m3/day flow rate was launched. Both of these pumps have passed trial operations successfully. The run life of the first one was 719 days, and the second one performed for 585 days.

From December 2016 to November 2017, successful trail operations were held for the complete progressive cavity assembly VS – 4/20 in the LUKOIL stock well № 244. As of January 15, 2018, its run life is about 390 days and the installation is still performing.
Mass adoption of progressive cavity pumps were held in the Udmurtneft oil fields. In total, 44 assemblies were shipped and implemented since September 2016. The maximum runlife is 475 days. Currently, 11 assemblies are still performing with an average runlife of 368 days.

Novomet’s progressive cavity pump has a plane design and unique technical properties which assure that it will be widely used in the oil industry.

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