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Mart 1, 2018

Novomet expands the operating range of its pumps

Novomet has developed an abrasion-resistant ESP system with an expanded operating range. The ImpalaESP is to be used in wells with unstable inflow, sharp pressure oscillations, or depleting wells.

In conventional ESP systems, the operating range is limited by the thrust that reaches its maximum levels at the left and right border of the range. When this maximum value is exceeded, there is accelerated wear of the load-carrying elements of the stage.

In the ImpalaESP, the impeller is permanently maintained in a floating position, which compensates thrust during operation. Efficiency is high throughout the entire operating range.

Due to the expanded operating range, it is now possible to reduce the standard range of 362 and 406 series ESP systems with flowrates from 10 to 350 m3/day from 13 to 3 models. In addition, ImpalaESP is designed to operate at 3000 rpm and may be driven by an induction motor with a conventional VSD.

As a result, operators will be able to reduce inventory levels, optimize the ESP application process, and ultimately cut total costs of oil production.

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