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Mart 12, 2018

Novomet Slim Line ESP: breathe new life into abandoned wells

Wells with technical limitations pose a real challenge for many oil operators. These limitation include: casing collapse, deviations, after-effects of repair operations, wear, corrosion, and pump starvation. The result is the same: reduced flow in the cross-section of the production casing.

The inability of conventional EPS system to operate in wells with these problems has created a demand for purpose-built downhole equipment that increases reserve recovery and operations viability.

In this context, Novomet engineers have provided the solution. Our 217, 272 and 319 series ESP can safely be called a revolution, bringing to life hundreds of "doomed" wells.

The decision to create this product line was made in the middle of the 2000s. The first stage was the development of permanent magnet motor (PMM) 3.19” OD. This project was led by Santalov A. M., the head of Electric Downhole Motors Department of OKB BN KONNAS. The motor operates at rotation speeds from 1000 to 6000 RPM and has a power up to 63 kW (84 hp) per unit.

The first 319 series ESP was run in the hole at Spiridonovskoye field, was operated for 574 days, and was pulled out of the hole due to planned workover. It was still in good working order.

To expand the application range of this equipment, the new 319 series tandem PMM and flexible couplings were developed. These enable operations with drift deviation at wellbore up to 4° per 10 m (33 ft.). Gas separators, advanced gas handlers, and multiphase pumps were developed for use in gassy wells. These pieces of equipment include downhole cascade filters and gravitation downhole filters for high solid content, and scale preventers with inhibitors to prevent scale deposition.

More than 2000 units of equipment were put in operation since then, and many of them have proven to have an outstanding run life.

It is impossible to list all the innovations that help oil companies meet the challenges of inactive well stock. But the challenges are fewer than a decade ago, thanks to Slim Line equipment.

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