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May 08, 2018

Dual breakthrough in oil production

Today, dual ESP technologies for multi-reservoir production are in high demand, especially for those multi-reservoir fields where operations of conventional equipment are economically unviable. To reach the required oil recovery factor there, it was necessary to drill new wells or to convert some of producing wells into injection ones. That brought extra costs or production losses and often both.

In January of this year, Novomet dual ESP was run in hole and brought into operation at Samotlor oil field. The dual ESP system comprises Novomet NBV(250-500)H ESP, Novomet NFV760 ESP, and a packer, was run into 6.61" diameter production string to 8200 ft set depth. The first ESP produces upper reservoir fluid that is then lifted to the surface through the tubing, and the second ESP produces lower reservoir fluid that is lifted to the surface through the bypass line and then through the tubing.

The main feature of this design is that the upper ESP is an innovative development of Novomet, high-speed slim line ESP 3.19" diameter, that enables its placement into 6.6" tubing alongside with bypass pipe. ESP operates at 5700 RPM powered by permanent magnet motor and its discharge head is 7 times higher than one of convenient ESP running at 3000 RPM. Which means that the length of the pump is 7 times shorter, which is crucial for installation of multi-part equipment.

As of today, the system is being operated for more than 100 days. The running in hole of another ESP system of that design is planned for the coming days.

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