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June 08, 2018

Novomet Thrust Chamber withstood the load

Trial operations of Novomet Thrust Chamber have been completed in late May 2018 at Usinkoye oilfield (LUKOIL) in wells #2216, #2709, #7316.

The trials confirmed the performance of Thrust Chamber. There were no equipment failures due to Thrust Chamber, thus requirements for feasibility and applicability were met. In all three wells, the unit was tested with Progressive Cavity Pumps (PCP) manufactured by Netzsch (Germany). Total run life of this Thrust Chamber exceeded 225 days.

It is known that during its operation PCP generates high axial thrust (approx. 5 ton) which depends on differential pressure developed by the pump and engagement force of a rotor in a stator. That is an exact purpose of the Thrust Chamber to absorb this axial thrust.

Considering the increasing role of PCP in oil production due to growing share of hard-to-recover fluids, Thrust Chambers are becoming in higher demand.

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