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June 21, 2018

ColibriESP by Novomet: 
a year of operation at Malaysian offshore

May 28, 2018, was exactly one year from running-in-hole of Novomet ColibriESP (217 series) at BODP-C stationary platform by Petronas Oil Company (Malaysia) located in the South China Sea near Labuan island.

The system was run into gas lift well using cutting-edge downhole and surface equipment. Flange-type X-mas tree is equipped with automated hydraulic blowout preventers with remote control. The retrievable cutoff valve of special design installed in one trip with the ESP provides the sealing for the carrying cable passing through it and also plays the role of an additional safety barrier that reliably cuts off the well-head in case of contingency.

The ESP system was installed through a lubricator long enough to perform the installation procedures in a single trip. However, ColibriESP also supports two-trips installation, unit by unit. By now the run life exceeded 385 days and the system keeps operating.

The customer is fully satisfied with the quality and reliability of the equipment and is ready to further expand the use of this technology. ColibriESP allowed Petronas to switch the well from gas lift to the artificial lift at the platform which is not equipped for RIH/POOH operation without the need of costly re-equipping.

As a reminder, ColibriESP is a revolutionary technology for well development and operations using cable-deployed ESP. Installation and RIH are performed with special mobile complex (can be installed on a truck), or with a winch and a crane, without the need of involvement of a costly rig crew. This technology cuts the installation time up to 4 times thus significantly reduces the cost of deferred production during the ESP tripping operations.

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