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June 29, 2018

Novomet Rotary Displacement Pump system at the oil field in Romania: the first 1000 days of operations behind

One of the most significant Novomet achievements of recent years is the introduction and implementation of Rotary Displacement Cylindrical Pump (RDCP) for marginal wells with heavy oil. Successful trial operations at Asset III Muntenia Vest oil field (wells 1594, 2493, and 1392) of Romanian oil company OMV Petrom which started in July 2015 raised the bar of the reliability of Novomet innovative equipment. The runlife of one of those systems exceeded 1000 days in May 2018 and is steadily approaching 3 years. The two others keep operating. The runlife of the second exceeded 470 days, and of the third - 109 days.

As a reminder: the rotary displacement cylindrical pump design is somehow similar to multi-stage ESP, it consists of a stator and cam-type rotor, to which the plates pressed with the synchronizing rings. The friction in RDCP is metal-to-metal, that eliminates the need for selecting the proper stator elastomer suitable for the fluid of particular well. The pump is powered by downhole permanent magnet motor, therefore, there is no surface motor and a rod string.

There are no known analogs of this product from other manufacturers.

It should be noted that the Rotary Displaced Cylindrical Pump for marginal oil wells was awarded the first prize in the competition of scientific, technical and innovative developments "TEK-2017". The award ceremony was held at the V Russian International Energy Forum in Saint Petersburg on 25 April 2017. This award is another proof of relevance and importance of Novomet innovative equipment.

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