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July 03, 2018

Novomet-Track: a new level of control for oil production

Novomet deputy chief designer reported the results of Novomet Track monitoring and control system implementation

June 18, 2018, International Exhibition Center Crocus Expo, Moscow, held the workshop "Monitoring 2018. Monitoring and control systems for artificial lift operations and oil field development"

Novomet deputy chief designer Denis Zubenin told about the results of Novomet-Track implementation. The system was introduced to the market in 2016 and has passed trial operations at the oil fields of Lukoil, Hit-R, Arktikgaz, Ulyanovskneftegaz, Aki-Otyr, Sistema-Servis and also in Iraq, Indonesia, Colombia.

Novomet-Track is a comprehensive solution that does not require extra time or costs for integration and is ready for use immediately after installation.
Its distinctive features are the ability to remotely transmit VSD archives and update the firmware. It means that all VSD functionality is available as if the operator was right in front of it.

As of today, Novomet-Track helps prevent emergencies in time by alerting the changes in operating parameters. For example, during trial operation in Hit-R from October 2017 to April 2017 it proved itself preventing several probable failures.

The most discussed topic during the conference was the compliance with the new legislation related to data protection for critical information infrastructure. The law sets the requirements for security of information systems, telecommunication networks, automated control systems including remote monitoring and control.

In this context, some customers might want to have the on-premise installation of Novomet-Track rather than use the cloud.

We emphasize: Novomet provides such option and we are ready to collaborate with oil companies in this field.

As a reminder, Novomet-Track is the comprehensive hardware and software solution proving remote access to VSD. Access to information from anywhere in the world via the Internet is provided using individual login and password.

The system consists of 3 components:

  • Communication module (GPRS-modem)
  • Cloud storage, Novomet server.
  • Any device with Internet access.


Well stock monitoring for troubleshooting, VSD performance analysis, pump control, archives view and download.
As a result – improving responsiveness, reducing downtime, providing quicker response to contingency situations, reducing staffing expenses, acceleration of production, increasing of production output, costs reduction.

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