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August 06, 2018

Novomet technologies for multi-zone production: a solution to the "inconvenient" challenges

At the moment, many of the major oil fields are mature. Most of them have more than one reservoir, many of which differ in their geological characteristics. Simultaneous production from two or more reservoirs poses a number of challenges and even legal restrictions.

One of the ways out of the situation is the application of Novomet multi-zone production technologies Since 2011 our company introduced to the market dual ESP systems for multi-zone production, production and injection, and water injection. There were developed systems with concentric tubing and systems with redundant ESP to increase durability and run life.

To date, the company has several cases of successful application of this equipment:

  • The application of two dual ESP systems at Surgutneftegas oilfield in October 2013 was a success: run life of both exceeded 1000 days, POOH operations were caused by planned workover, both ESP systems were in running order.
  • Dual ESP systems were implemented at Lukoil's Varandeiskoe field in December 2013 and showed outstanding run life, 1150 days.
  • At Yuzhno-Taraveyskoye oilfield by Enisey, the run life of dual system comprised of 338 and 362 series ESP installed in March 2015 reached 900 days.

The application of those ESP systems for complicated multi-zone oil fields enables the optimization of oil production and the efficiency of further operations.

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