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August 09, 2018

Fifth year in the well of Samotlor

Novomet slimline equipment has been successfully operating in sidetracks. For example, the run life of the Novomet 272 series ESP system that was run-in-hole in May 2014 exceeded 1500 days and the system keeps operating. As of today, run life is 1537 days.

Samotlor is one of the five largest oilfields in the world. Cooperation between Samotlorneftegaz and Novomet began in the early 2000s. The mass application of Novomet slimline equipment at this oilfield started at the beginning of the second decade: 2010 - 319 series, 2011 - 272 series.

Most of the systems were installed in sidetracks, half of 319 series ESP systems and almost all of 272 series.

Due to the wide application of Novomet slimline equipment at Samotlorneftegaz, production has increased significantly.

For all the time, there were more than 1000 of Novomet 319 series ESP and  more than 500 of 272 series ESP installed at Samotlorneftegaz. Maximum run lives reached 1385 and 1537 respectively.

Such results became possible due to a deep collaboration of engineers of both companies. Professionalism, responsibility, goal orientation of Samotlorneftegaz employees when implementing state-of-the-art engineering projects is the key to successful cooperation in the future.

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