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August 17, 2018

Electric motor for Rotary Displacement Pumps

Novomet is a world leader in permanent magnet motors for oil production, today those motors are used in almost every niche of the downhole equipment market, continuing to solve the complex challenges of oil production.

One of such challenges is a production of viscous oil from marginal wells. To solve it, we developed a Rotary Displacement Cylindrical Pump (RDCP) operating at 100  – 1500 RPM. Powered by slow-speed 460 series permanent magnet motor (PMM) developed in recent years. Novomet experience in permanent motor design enabled us to create a new 12-pole motor in contrast to conventional 6-pole. It allowed reaching the required RPM while maintaining high efficiency, power end torque.

This enables direct drive of rotary displacement pumps without using any additional devices such as a reduction gear.

The first RDCP system powered by slow-speed permanent magnet motor was run-in-hole in Romania in July 2015 and its runlife exceeds 1100 days. Another six RDCP systems successfully operate in wells of Romania and Russia.

Also, there in Romania were conducted the trial operations of a permanent magnet motor within a PCP system and it showed its best side by operating for more than 700 days. More than 50 PCP systems successfully passed trial operations on the fields of Romania and Russia.

Novomet innovative equipment is ready to face new challenges.

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