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August 29, 2018

Novomet mobile water injection system reduced operational costs in Ecuador

Initially, the customer used a plunger type pumping systems at the oilfield. The problem was the shutdowns caused by the poor water quality and, as a consequence, equipment downtime. Frequent repairs required the time of experienced personnel and the stock of spare parts. Other drawbacks were leaks, noise, and high maintenance cost.

To optimize the cost of water injection, Novomet has developed the mobile pumping system, based on a horizontal pumping system mounted on vehicle chassis. The system includes all the necessary pipes, valves, flanges for the rapid system deployment at the oil field and its connection to a water injection system. In addition, it is equipped with the automatic process control system (incl. Novomet VSD) for real-time monitoring and control, everything is as in a full-fledged modular horizontal pumping system.

Three mobile pumping systems were manufactured and shipped to Eden oilfield (Ecuador) in March 2018 and then brought to operation. The flow rate of pumping systems is 8300 BPD (1300 m3/day), the discharge pressure is 2500 psi (570 ATM). As of today, the equipment keeps operating.

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