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November 06, 2018

8000th Novomet permanent magnet motor has been shipped


In July 2018 there was a significant event: 8000th permanent magnet motor for oil industry produced by Novomet was shipped. It was the 512 series 400 hp downhole motor for the customer in Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug.

Novomet permanent magnet motors produce oil around the world. Argentina and Colombia, Ecuador and Canada, Romania and Venezuela, Egypt and USA...

Novomet has been developing downhole electric motors with permanent magnets and improved output performance since the mid 2000s. The first generally available 460 series 540hp permanent magnet motor was manufactured in 2006. In the next 3 years, has been started the mass production of 460 series motor with rated speed 3000 and 6000 RPM and the production of 319 series PMM with the maximum power 105 hp per unit.  Until 2012, 512 and 728 series PMM were added to the company's product line.

The introduction of permanent magnet motors to the oil market was a breakthrough for artificial lift in general: Novomet brought to the market a wide range of new technologies.

  • High-speed ESP with capacity up to 19000 barrel per day, increased up to 40% efficiency, up to 2 times more compact.
  • Slimline ESP for 4" sidetracks, that gives average production increase 95 bpd.
  • Ultra-slim cable deployed ESP for 2.87-inch tubing. Its installation takes 5-7 times less than for serial ESP.
  • Progressive cavity pump (PCP) systems with lower motor, and the new type of the pumps: rotary displacement cylindrical pump (RDCP). Those pumps are driven by a low-speed permanent magnet motor and are used for viscous oil production.

Currently in development: solutions for extreme temperatures and systems with extra-high reliability, both technologies are based on permanent magnet motors.

The main advantage of the permanent magnet motor is their energy efficiency. Calculations show: energy losses in the permanent magnet motor are about two times less than in the asynchronous.  Another important factor is  high reliability:

  • The world first rotary displacement pump (RPCP) system equipped with the low-speed permanent magnet motor was run-in-hole in July 2015 in Romania, keeps operating and at the moment its runlife exceed 1100 days.
  • In the wells of Western Siberia Slimline ESP systems with permanent magnet motors for sidetracks shows max runlifes 1385 and 1537 days.
  • More than 170 Novomet permanent motors are in operation in Colombia, the runlife of 7 of them exceeded 2000 days, and the maximum runlife is 2200.

Eight thousand motors shipped is a proof that Novomet is a world leader in the development and manufacturing of permanent magnet motors.

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