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May 18, 2018

Novomet-Track prevented the motor failure


From October 2017 to April 2018, seven sets of Novomet-Track, the system for remote monitoring and control of oil production, passed the trial tests at the oil fields of ZAO Hit-R. During these trial operations, there were several situations when the remote monitoring prevented several probable failures.

For instance, in April 2018 in well #210 the pump performance degraded from 113 to 38 barrels per day due to asphaltene and paraffin builds-up. The decision was made to perform solvent washing.  The required amount of solvent was injected into the well, then ESP operation started and the crew left the field.

However, the properties of solvent are different from the properties of reservoir fluid ESP was designed for, and after a while, the motor temperature start increasing sharply.

Due to use of Novomet-Track, it was quickly noticed by the remote operator. Who remotely and timely adjusted the VSD operating parameters. As a result, in one day ESP pumped over the solvent, it's stages was cleaned and then the pump reached operating conditions. If there were no timely changes in ESP operation regime, it would be impossible to prevent the failure and the consequent workover.

Novomet-Track is a set of hardware and software providing remote access to VSD from anywhere in the world via the internet using secured connection (SSL).

The system consists of 3 parts:

  • VSD firmware and GPRS-modem,
  • Novomet cloud storage,
  • a computer with the internet connection

The system provides well monitoring to identify various problems, analyzes VSD data and controls operation. And enables viewing and downloadong of VSD logs.

As you can see, Novomet-Track is a vital part of interaction in a human-to-machine system, where the operator interacts with ESP during ESP operation, control, information processing etc. It is a comprehensive solution that does not require any additional integration. It is especially suitable for the companies that can not afford to develop their own software for oil production monitoring and control.

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