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31 May 2012

Opening of a new (the sixth) service center of Novomet Group of Companies on the territory of Russia and the CIS took place on the 31st of May 2012 in Garadag district of Baku (the republic of Azerbaijan).

The General Director of ZAO “Novomet-Perm” Mr. Oleg Perelman, the General Director of OOO “Novomet-Service” Mr. Farkhat Khafizov, leading specialists of the company and also representatives of regional oil-producing companies took part in the event.

Mr. Oleg Perelman mentioned in his complimentary speech that opening of the service center in Baku is very important event for Novomet. “It is important for us not only because we are expanding our presence in the region and expecting long-term collaboration. We strongly believe that the new service center will help to increase effective oil production, implementation of new technologies and development of the industry in general.”

Why did Baku become the next city where “Novomet-Service” established its subdivision? The significance of Azerbaijan as a country-exporter of oil and gas increases every year. Within the period from 1997 to 2010 oil production increased by 5.6 times here and reached 50 mln ton per year.

According to the General Director of OOO “Novomet-Service” Mr. Farkhat Khafizov the next flag pins on the map may be Nizhnevartovsk (Russia) and Cairo (Egypt) where the opening of service centers is planned to be very soon. If it happens there will be a plenty of openings in Novomet this year.

It should happen.

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