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January 23, 2018

Novomet: remarkable assembly

Novomet is becoming more independent in the sphere of innovative, high-quality equipment. Just a few weeks into the year, and already a remarkable event in Novomet’s history has taken place.

On January 19, 2018, a Power Save pump of the 272 series was assembled consisting of cast stages of our own production for the first time ever.

The process was like clockwork: shiny stages approached the rack on the trolley, the bottom bearing was installed to the shaft, the stages were assembled, the assembly was fitted into the housing, and the head bearing and end pieces were tightened. Finally, it was tested on the bench for energetic rate properties.

Just recently (the end of October), the first casting process was performed, but now we have assembled the pump of stages of our own casting. We no longer need to outsource parts because Novomet is bringing all processes under our own control. Now it is easier to produce new stages and achieve new goals.

Innovative projects will be more easily and quickly accomplished because we own the casting technology. We are proud to have 100% control of the quality of our produced parts.

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