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January 12, 2018

200+ days of run life owing to new equipment by Novomet-Perm

Innovative developments by Novomet-Perm have confirmed the company’s reliability one more time. Trial operations were conducted for 3 sets of downhole gravity slotted filters in the Priobskoe field of Yuganskneftegaz in 2016-2017.

These devices combine a slot array and a hydrocyclone separator, which increases resource life.

For the trial operations, wells were chosen that were characterized by a high rate of solid particle carry-over. Also, the run life index of previous assemblies that worked in these wells didn’t exceed 60 days. After implementation of Novomet filters, the run life index increased 200 days at an average. The results of trial operations have proven to be successful, and downhole gravity slotted filters by Novomet are recommended to be applied on the Yuganskneftegaz well stock.

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