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January 24, 2017

Novomet assists in reducting lease operating expense
“Power Save” pump technology with “PM” motor

Garden City, KS, January 19, 2017– Novomet USA, Inc. was commissioned to install an ESP system that reduced electrical costs by 32%.

The client provided data for the original ESP system for the last two years showing an average electrical cost of $10,700/month and an average kwh per day was 4,226 kwh. On August 23, 2016, Novomet’s PowerSave system was installed in place of the original system, and was monitored for three months at the rate of 3,600 BWPD, the same rate as the previous system. Each month, electrical usage was compared against the history of the original installation.

The Novomet system showed an average of 32% reduction in electrical costs over the course of the 3-month test period.  The electric bill averaged $7,140/month. The average kwh/day consumed was 2,869 kwh.

Polina Plotnikova, Novomet VP of International Operations, said, “Novomet’s PowerSave technology has the ability to reduce a client’s LOE. The overall length of the equipment and the surface requirements are reduced significantly, which will also bring additional savings to the client’s bottom line. Novomet is constantly striving to be the leader in innovative technology.”

Current ESP vendors have made claims about their ability to lower LOE. However, in most instances their savings prove to be incremental at best. With the implementation of our PowerSave technology, Novomet will reduce a client’s LOE by 20-40%.

Novomet is able to supply equipment that is 30% shorter in length and has significantly smaller surface kVA requirements.

Pete Kuneyl, Superintendent of Operations, said, “Reducing our electrical costs by 32% made a significant impact on our LOE. Surface kVA equipment requirements also are smaller than a typical ESP system. The reduced electric costs, along with lower costs for surface equipment will make a tremendous impact on our LOE and CAPEX requirements on future applications.”

Novomet – Not just another ESP provider!

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact Stan Herl at (832) 437-5998 or email at stan.herl@novomet-usa.com.

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